Professor Robin Teigland is a globally sought after speaker. Her keynotes and workshops are delivered with engagement and energy. Even though Professor Teigland is not provocative herself – the knowledge she brings is. She urges audiences all over the world to start acting in the digital world and the importance of testing the new technology – to be able to understand the revolutionary impact that it has.

Keywords for keynotes:

Strategy, Scenario Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies, Innovation, Design Thinking, Unicorns, Startups, The Swedish Startup Phenomenon, Internet of Things,  FinTech, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Third and New Industrial Revolution, Sharing Economy, Platform Economy, Networked Society, Virtual Reality/Worlds, Virtual Learning and Education, Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge, Competitive Advantage, Future of Finance, Exponential Growth, Social Networks, Social Capital, Knowledge Management

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