Professor Robin Teigland is a globally sought after speaker. Her keynotes and workshops are delivered with engagement and energy. Even though Professor Teigland is not provocative herself – the knowledge she brings is. She urges audiences all over the world to start acting in the digital world and the importance of testing the new technology – to be able to understand the revolutionary impact that it has.

Robin’s lecturing reside at the intersection of strategy, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship and include the following:

Keywords for keynotes:

Strategy, Scenario Analysis/Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Emerging/Disruptive Technologies, Innovation, Design Thinking, Unicorns, Startups, The Swedish Startup Phenomenon, Ecosystem, Internet Of Things, AI/ML/NN, Automation, Fintech, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, Third/Fourth and New Industrial Revolution, Sharing Economy, Circular Economy, Platform Economy, Networked Society, Virtual Reality/Worlds, Virtual Learning and Education, Crowdsourcing, Creation and Diffusion Of Knowledge, Competitive Advantage, Social Networks, Social Capital.


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