Robin Teigland


"If you love knowledge, set it free!"

I am an Associate Professor at the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) as well as the caretaker of SSE’s island in Second Life. I am also the Program Coordinator for SSE's PhD Program in Business Administration and a Professor II at the University of Agder in Norway with their International Management PhD program.

My research interests revolve around the creation and diffusion of knowledge in social networks and the impact on competitive advantage. In 2008 I received the “Researcher of the Year” award at the Stockholm School of Economics. My current research investigates how virtual worlds and social media enable the co-creation of value in online communities outside of a firm’s traditional boundaries, e.g., eZ Publish Community and OpenSim Community.  I am currently leading NVWN, a two-year international project investigating innovation and entrepreneurship through virtual worlds and the 3D internet co-financed by the Nordic Innovation Center. If anyone is interested in participating or learning more about this project, please contact me!

I have published numerous articles in international books and academic journals, and I am one of the Senior Guest Editors of the MIS Quarterly September 2011 special issue on virtual worlds: “New Ventures in Virtual Worlds”. I am an active international researcher such as through my collaboration in EU  funded projects, including the recently funded Euroversity project that brings together 18 European partners and a partner from Israel who are active in virtual worlds, as well as the "Impact Assessment of the Participation of SMEs in the Thematic Programmes of FP5 and FP6 for Research and Technological Development (RTD)" and "Structuring Effects of Community Research – The Impact of the Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development (RTD) on Network Formation". Additionally, I have been an expert reviewer for the US National Science Foundation and is a globally sought after speaker. I really enjoy teaching students at the Stockholm School of Economics and lecturing for executives. Feel free to check out and download my slides on slideshare.

I am also fascinated by the "bigger picture" of the impact of the internet on society as evidenced in my participation in the mini-film featured on TechCrunch: "The Networked Society".

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I am from the USA and grew up in Nashville, Tennessee (but I do not sing  :-)  ). I hold a B.A. in Economics with Distinction from Stanford University, and I gained an M.B.A. from The Wharton School and an M.A. in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania through the Lauder Institute. In 1992 I moved to Sweden to work as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, Inc. before conducting my PhD studies at the Stockholm School of Economics. I am married to a Norwegian and have five children, from whom I am constantly learning!



Name: Robin Teigland

Status: Married

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden


Industry: Higher Education

Position: Associate Professor

School: Stockholm School of Economics

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


    +46-8-736 9000

    Office Address:

    Holländargatan 32

    Twitter: robinteigland



Robin Teigland